Girls Varsity Cross Country · Girls Varsity Cross Country finishes 18th place at Girls Semi State

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Indian Creek High School 18th 0

The Lady Braves battled Saturday in what is a stacked semi-state meet with many of the state’s top teams.

Phoebe Dowty led the way in a very solid and competitive effort and fell just short of her goal to advance individually to the state meet. Phoebe had an incredible season as a freshman as she broke the school record on multiple occasions & helped lift this team to much success late in the season. The future for Phoebe is incredibly bright.

Luci Woodrum, Paige Iaria, Amanda Ulerick, Kiley Breeden, and Hannah Seitzinger wrapped things up for us, respectively.

Woodrum ran a very solid race to cap off what was an incredible season for her. She blew her individual goals out of the water this season as she came to believe in herself more & more each week. She was the clear-cut leader of this group and will be irreplaceable as we move forward with this program. Her work-ethic, character, and determination will never be taken for granted and she will leave a stamp as big as any female athlete ever has in any sport in this school’s history, just a special athlete and leader. THANK YOU for all of you have done to take this program to the next level, Luci!

Iaria, Ulerick and Seitzinger ended their respective seasons on a high note as well. These three will be back next year with much more to prove. The only way is up from here, as they all look to improve this winter and into track season. The ICXC Lady Braves are in very good hands in the future.

Paxton Marshall was unable to run again Saturday due to injury, but that does not take anything away from her importance to this team. We would never have gotten here without her. She wanted so badly to compete Saturday- but it just was not the right decision for her long-term. She will be back better than ever, and we all look forward to seeing her create unbelievable amounts of success over the next year and a half. Her toughness is unmatched, and she will be a huge leader for us next season.

Kiley Breeden also wrapped up her cross-country career on Saturday. Breeden in the epitome of the statement “Hard work pays off” She has worked tirelessly over the course of the last year to get where she is today. She has chopped FIVE & A HALF minutes off her 5k time since her sophomore year of high school. That is unheard of, and only possible if you approach things the way Kiley does. Her work ethic and will to be her very best set her up to be a major part of this team when she would have never believed that to be possible two short years ago. THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to this sport, you have set a standard for the girls coming after you that will be felt for years to come.

What an incredible and historic season the ICXC Lady Braves had. Coach Devine could not be prouder of this group.