Boys Middle School Track And Field · Boys Middle School Track And Field finishes 1st place at Brown Cty./Indygenesis/5th & 6th

Monday night the 5th and 6th grade boys picked up a hard fought tri meet victory. The final score was Indian Creek 61, Brown County 57.5, and Indy Genesis 25.5.

1st place winners
Braxton Freeman- high jump
Carson Volz- shot put, discus, 200M
Samuel Willard- 400M
4×1 relay- Braxton Freeman, Carson Volz, Samuel Willard, Noah Nuetzmann
4×4 relay- Freeman, Nuetzmann, willard, Noah Greenwood

2nd place finishers
Brayden Robertson- 100M
Noah Nuetzmann- long jump
Braxton Freeman- 400M
Noah Greenwood- 800M
4×8 relay- Jacob Ballew, Casey Seitzinger, Greenwood, Willard

3rd place finishers
Elias Strauss- hurdles
Noah Nuetzmann- 100M
Casey Seitzinger- long jump, 1600M

4th place finishers
Owen Stout-shotput
Will Beaver- 200M, long jump